BCaD-Consulting Management is a consulting firm established according to the commercial code of Ethiopia in 1998 to deliver management consulting and training services.

Grown into one of the leading management training and consulting institutes in the African Continent which serves in building the creative and innovative leadership capacities and competencies of entrepreneurs, enterprise managers and leaders of development organisations by year 2010.

• BCaD is a management consulting firm which equips esteemed customers to create, manage and build enterprises through enhancing their creative and innovative competences through short-term training and consultancy services.
• We use high tech training equipments and analytical soft wares to deliver the services.
• Our training approach is action learning method designed for adults and delivered based on experiential learning cycle which elicits experiences through participatory, critical reflection and interactive approaches.
• We are staffed with highly qualified, full time employed and outsourced experts with reputed calibre.

• To increase our competences through continuous improvement of our technical and technological capacity to deliver high quality and efficient services to our esteemed customers.
• To establish a management training and consulting institute fully equipped with high-tech facilities in Addis Ababa.
• To increase our financial returns through value added services.

Core Values:
• We believe that we can grow and stay in the market only through ethical, genuine and non-discriminatory services we render to our esteemed customers.
• We believe that business is an effort to identify and fulfil the needs of people and working for customers’ satisfaction.
• We work for the well being of our society and all people in general and care for the environment.
• We respect our customers and strive to continuously improve our services and earn only through value added services.
• We believe in empowering people with creativity and innovation.


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