IntEnt IntEnt Foundation

BCaD gives business advisory to Ethiopian diaspora living in Europe. The advisory is given to the diaspora that come through IntEnt Foundation.


CEFE InternationalCEFE International

BCaD’s Managing Director is a member of the CEFE International with Senior Advisor Cum Trainer level. BCaD disseminates the CEFE method of entrepreneurship training in Ethiopia and beyond. CEFE stands for Creation of Enterprises Formation of Entrepreneurs. CEFE Int. HQ is in Germany.


Centre for the Development of Enterprises Centre for the Development of Enterprise (CDE)

BCaD is a Technical Intervention Office (TIO) for CDE in Ethiopia since April 2006. CDE is a ACP-EU Private Sector Development (PSD) program. CDE’s HQ is in Belgium, Brussels.


International Trade CentreInternational Trade Centre (ITC)
BCaD has signed a license agreement with the ITC in April 2009 to implement a the Modular Learning System-Supply Chain Management (MLS-SCM)

Moreover, BCaD utilizes the Business Management Systems approach of business diagnostics and strategy design instrument of the ITC since 2007. ITC’s HQ is in Switzerland, Geneva.


Value Links Valuelinks (VL) International

BCaD’s Managing Director is a founding member of the international VL Association which is established in Germany. The association promotes its method of Value Chain Analysis and Development (VCA & D) concept.

meo consulting meo Corporate Development GMBH

BCaD and Meo have partnered to establish an Institute For Excellence in Management (IFEM) in Ethiopia. Meo is established in Germany. The two partners have applied for the PSI fund of EVD in the Netherlands and are waiting for approval.



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